12 Tips for a Successful First Date

Here are a few tips to make that first date successful.
01. Plan a short, active date in a safe, public location

Plan a simple, 2-hour date. If you and your date find things of common interest you can always extend it. Choose a dating activity that will make your communication easier, like visiting a restaurant or amusement park, going for a walk, playing pool or bowling. Doing something active and fun together will lead to a better date.

02. Choose the right outfit

Wear clothes that are appropriate to the meeting, you have planned. Also, it’s a good idea to agree on the dress code with your dating partner. Be clean, smell nice. Don’t let your outfit and hygiene ruin your dating plans.

03. Be on time

If you are late, this will make the person you are meeting think you don’t care and it will leave a bad first impression. Even five minutes of lateness is unacceptable on the first date.

04. Do not bring friends

Taking friends to your date will make you look immature and insecure. You are an adult person so it is not necessary to bring someone to keep you. If you are concerned about safety, meet your date in a public place.

05. Give a compliment, but don’t overdo it

A few nice words will put your dating partner at ease and get him or her to relax. People love to hear how wonderful they are. However, overdoing it might them think you are insincere or make them feel uncomfortable.

06. Balance talking and listening

Give your date a chance to talk. There is nothing worse then a person that talks about self all the time. Take time to hear what the person you are with is saying. Every good communication is based on listening.

07. Make an eye contact when talking

Eye contact is an important nonverbal form of communication and helps in connecting with other people, so use it on your first date. It tells your dating partner you are interested.

08. Keep the conversation alive

The worst thing you can do is to stay silent. Too much time spent in silence during a date is a real torture and your dating partner will be bored. Date should be fun. So, ask them questions, tell them a funny adventure you had, talk about things of your common interest.

09. Do not talk about past relationships

Don’t talk about your ex, it’s a huge turn-off. Actually, don’t mention anyone of the opposite sex. Concentrate on the person you are with, and see if you can get to the second date.

10. Do not check out other people

Never look at other people when you are on a date. It makes the same effect as talking about your past relationships, but much worse. Especially when a guy checking out other girls.

11. Be yourself

Don’t pretend to be someone you are not. If you plan to continue seeing this person, the real you will come out eventually. Find someone who wants you for you, not for who you are pretending to be.

12. Remember, it’s just a date!

Remember that the date should be fun. It’s ok to get excited when you go out with someone new, but stay realistic. If your expectations are too high, you could be disappointed at the end. First date is all about the possibility, not pressure.

By Domonic Rankin