An Active Life Begins with Healthy Joints

(ARA) – The new year often means resolutions like being healthier or exercising more often. What many people don’t know is that our joints are the critical part of the body that allows us to be active and do the activities we most enjoy. 
Approximately one-third of Americans 35 and older say their joints prevent them from doing their favorite sport or activity in the last year and more than 50 percent of them just accepted that as part of the aging process, according to a recent study. The good news is there are simple and effective steps you can take to strengthen and protect these “forgotten soldiers” – ensuring your joints a healthy kick-off to an active year. 

Dr. Kevin R. Stone, an orthopedic surgeon at the Stone Clinic and founder of the Stone Research Foundation and Joint Juice, a San Francisco-based joint health beverage company, offers five tips for helping to maintain healthy joints: 

1. Manage your weight – You won’t just look better – you’ll feel better. Every extra pound puts four times the stress on your knees and other weight-bearing joints. Even a small amount of weight loss will give your joints relief. 

2. Be supplement savvy – Dietary supplements like glucosamine have been proven to help maintain joint function and mobility. Glucosamine is produced naturally in the body, but due to the physical demands of everyday life (let alone running, tennis or even walking), our body’s supply is often not enough. Joint Juice beverages provide an easy way to drink your daily supply of glucosamine and avoid having to swallow two big horse pills a day. 

3. Stretch – Stretching isn’t just for workouts. Take breaks throughout the day, especially at the office, to get re-energized. Range-of-motion exercises are a good way to keep muscles and ligaments flexible and strong. 

4. Use good technique – When sitting, standing and especially when lifting, using the proper technique will prevent fatigue and injury. Ask an expert if you don’t know how to do it, but be sure to assess your technique for these simple daily activities. 

5. Make a date with your doctor – See a physician for a routine check-up at least once a year. Request an examination of your joints – from head to toe – and ask for tips on protecting your joints from daily stress. 

Courtesy of ARAcontent