Creative First Date Ideas

Creative first dating is the art of making that second first impression. The first was your appearance, personality or perhaps humor that got you this far. Let’s see whether these 30 creative first date ideas can take you further to that date #2. Whatever you do, the goal is to make that first date memorable. 
Opportunities for first date distractions are many. The focus then should be away from any potential discomfort or moments of silence. And going on a first date that spills over to a group date is good, too. If you have the urge to ask them suggestions for your first date together, try not to. It reads that you are too lazy to think of something creative yourself. 

Tap into your city’s online tourist sites, city guides and newspaper entertainment section and also local television programs on things to do in your city. They can give you the heads up for concerts, comedy shows, poetry readings, lectures, galleries and other things happening. 

Men, know this: Unless a woman already knows you, going to places that are not so public might be uncomfortable for her on your first date. So plan wisely. 

1. Travel for that drink. Go for a drive in the country and stop in a quiet nearby town for tea or coffee. Visit a specialty tea shop or vintage coffee place. 

2. Go to the Humane Society or a petting zoo. Volunteer as caregivers for the day. Set it up ahead of time with the organization. 

3. Enroll in a one day photography class. Learn about taking photos on an outdoor tour at the zoo, historical sites, or park. Indoor demonstrations like how to photograph jewelry, bowl of fruit and flowers. 

4. Experience nude painting/drawing or a ceramic class. Try art schools and community centers that offer creative drawing/ceramic classes. Share your experience with each other. Plus, you can take home/give away your masterpieces to each other. 

5. Visit a joke shop or executive toy store. You’d be surprised how many hours looking, trying and laughing at what the shop can offer to talk about. 

6. Take a yoga class together, especially Hot or Bikram Yoga. Feel relaxed and de-stressed afterwards. Go to a juice bar to replenish your liquids before a small meal to follow. 

7. Sing karaoke. It is real bonding experience acting silly. The two of you can go up on the stage, sing alongside each other after choosing what song from the 80’s you’d like to sing. 

8. Anyone for speed? There are race tracks with trial lap runs permitted. See if this intrigues him. Otherwise go go-carting. And if that still doesn’t do if for him, perhaps a sports bar where you can race on the simulated motorcycles before trying their virtual games. You can always try the horse or dog racing venues. 

9. Visit a library or bookstore (new or second hand). Book browsing can give you insights into his intellect but also find out what book you can purchase for him as a surprise before leaving the store. 

10. Go to a chocolate factory and take a tour of their operations. I did this once. My date bought me a box of chocolates that was put together after watching how the chocolate factory operated. 

11. Dine-in. But hire a chef who brings in all the food and teaches you both how to cook real French or Italian cuisine. 

12. Dine out with flare. Pick a place where you have to eat with your hands like Moroccan or Nigerian style. They bring the food to your table but it is shared experience: same bowls, plates and eat with your fingers. It can be very erotic, as well. 

13. Make jewelry. I know for you men it might not be so great but think about it. Bring her to a beading place, for example. Get some instructions and then hunt together for those beads, chains and pendants for making your original pieces together. Give yours as a gift to her afterwards. 

14. Watch his/her favorite team practice for an upcoming game. Find out when and where are there viewing times where their favorite national team might be practicing their football, baseball, or hockey. 

15. Music Store visits. Love to know what stimulates their senses and what might be a good gift for them at some later point, go browse and share the experience while visiting together a few music stores around town. And go to vintage records or LP stores for fun. 

16. Video store visits. Classic and modern. It is a fun way to talk about movies, favorite scenes, lines, actors not to mention story lines and whether you cried or not. 

17. Farmer’s market/ trading posts/flea markets/antique browsing. Any place that feels like shopping without visiting a real mall is cool. You can talk about the items and get a good conversation going. 

18. Pick a location on a map and explore. Without looking have your date point their finger on a map of your city or even larger (district, county, state or province) and explore that area together without even knowing what you’d find there. 

19. Do fun sports: book time at a batting cage, a golf range, horses for mountain riding, a pool table at a serious pool hall, or the mountain climbing wall at the local recreation centre. 

20. Play paintball, laser tag, darts or go on an ATV (all terrain vehicles) riding tour. Whether you are on a first date alone or meeting up with friends, doing activities like these are so much fun. 

21. Dance. Baby. Dance. Register for a private or group class for belly dancing, two-step, the tango or hip-hop. 

22. Experience a sweat lodge. It’s not for the faint of heart though you can get that sweaty spiritual experience. You would have to take a trip/drive outside of the city. 

23. Shop for furniture. Learn about each other’s tastes, interior decorating style and your date’s dreams about how he/she would love to live. 

24. Visit show homes. It is a fun way to window shop while learning about each other dreams and tastes while not paying for anything. 

25. Shop for a new car. Not really. Just go to car lot and then test drive a few. Car lots are perfect ways to have casual conversations away from the first date nerves and awkward silence moments while learning about cars. 

26. Midnight dating. No booty call. It’s star gazing. Get a book and look and the night sky. Is there a Jacuzzi in close proximity? 

27. Spin music. Find a recording studio, DJ or schools for spinning records. Keep your recording as your first date souvenir.

28. Visit a playground. Swing, teeter totter or go to the kid’s water park. Be a kid again. 

29. Go on a hot air balloon ride. Definitely memorable proving there is no fear of heights on anyone’s part. Then again, you can offer a secure cuddle while being up in the air. 

30. Go on a haunting tour: old churches, houses, historic sites, graveyards and other “ghostly” places. Be a good 
tour guide and be creative.

By Paige_Me