Can your Dog Save the Planet?

(ARA) – We all think our dogs are super, but could your dog help save the planet by reducing landfill waste? How you train your dog has a big impact on the environment and on your wallet. 

Housebreaking a puppy or dog is never fun, but it’s a necessary part of adding a new member to the family. There will be unpleasant messes to clean up, but you’ll need to teach the dog the right and wrong places to go. So, where does saving the environment come into play? 

“I saw a stack of training pads at the grocery store and realized how expensive and harmful to the environment they could be,” says Kami Havluciyan, maker of the Ugodog, an environmentally-conscious indoor dog potty. “I knew there had to be an environmentally conscious alternative.” 

Many people use training pads (essentially big, flat disposable diapers) for housetraining the dog, or to use as a “dog bathroom” indoors. Unfortunately they are dirty, dogs can drag them around the house and they are definitely not eco-friendly. 

The best tool to use when training your puppy or dog is to designate a bathroom area and use a dog toilet like the Ugodog Indoor Dog Potty — a cleaner, more effective way to housebreak your dog. In addition to being more sanitary, an indoor dog toilet can save a lot of money. “The Ugodog saves about $400 a year over training pads and it is convenient, clean and easy to use for any size breed,” says Havluciyan. 

Using an indoor dog potty can make housetraining much easier. Here are a few other tips to help you and your four-legged friend through the process: 

* Take your puppy or dog to his bathroom area immediately in the morning. 
* Take him to his area immediately after each meal. 
* Give him lots of cheerful praise when he goes in the appropriate place. 
* Never punish a dog for a housetraining mistake; he won’t understand why he’s in trouble. If you catch him in the act, tell him “no” firmly and move him to the appropriate area immediately. 

Once your canine friend gets the hang of it, having a dog toilet in the house will prevent him having to “hold it” all day and you’ll appreciate not having to clean up messes when you get home. 

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Courtesy of ARAcontent