How color affects your exterior home makeover

(BPT) – How do you know you’ve chosen the right colors to accent your home’s exterior? What colors on windows, doors, trim or shutters can highlight architectural details? Try these tips to help choose an exterior color scheme for your home.
Accent your home’s style

Consider your home’s design. Blend existing features, like the roof, stone or brickwork, into a cohesive look.

For modern homes, earthy neutrals complement contrasting sharp lines and the shine of glass and steel. Soft hues, like variations of pastel blue, white, beige or green complement country cottage-styled aesthetics.

If you live in an historic home or neighborhood, check with local officials for appropriate colors for your region and your home’s architecture.

Consider curb appeal

When choosing a new exterior color palette, consider how it will look next to neighboring homes, or blend with your homeowner’s association guidelines or other local requirements. If most homes in your neighborhood convey a monochromatic look, consider colors that complement it.

Add a boldly painted front door or contrasting window or door trim to help your home stand out without sticking out. Check the Pella Pinterest board to see how bold red doors instantly add curb appeal.

“Before painting exterior doors, consult a professional and choose a paint or finish with good blocking resistance,” says Kathy Krafka Harkema, spokesperson for Pella Windows and Doors. “Choosing a beautiful new factory prefinished window or door saves you time and eliminates the guesswork.”

Test color on small sample first

Sometimes testing the color on your home or its doors can help. If you are torn between options, test paint samples on a small area where colors will converge on your house.

If you’re thinking about repainting, residing or remodeling your home, it’s also a good time to replace windows and doors. Once you’ve picked the base color for your home, add coordinating or contrasting window and door trim. Pella EnduraClad exterior finishes come in a variety of color options for aluminum-clad wood windows, patio and entry doors. With 27 standard colors and virtually unlimited custom color options, it’s easy to find the right color for your home’s exterior makeover. Pella can even create a custom color, for a truly unique look for your home’s windows and doors.

2014 home exterior color trends range from bold to subdued

For design inspiration, consider the latest exterior color trends:

1. Overall exterior colors, -including creams, whites, shades of gray and neutral pastels like sky blue, provide a unique but simple style that is reflective of the homeowner’s individual tastes.

2. Trim colors are going to be seen on both ends of the spectrum with neutral pastels or bold, dark statement colors.

3. Boldly painted doors in a vibrant blue, deep red or edgy black add instant interest and curb appeal. Choose a color that best represents your individual design personality.

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