Fabulous Date Ideas for Baby Boomers

The dating game is always dynamic: going out on a date when you were 17 is not quite the same as going out when you’re 50 or so.
People grow older, and along with it come a pretty healthy sense of what one desires out of life and especially out of love. However, it is inevitable for older people trying to get into the dating scene again to feel nervous, uneasy and sometimes awkward. What does a baby boomer do to have a fabulous date despite the butterflies in one’s stomach? Here are some dating alternatives that may just be your cup of tea: Remember the time when you were 20-ish, fresh out of college, full of vitality and spirit? Wasn’t it exciting to just drive aimlessly with friends, with the wind whipping your hair and not knowing where you’ll end up next? Whoever said that being adventurous is only for the young doesn’t know anything about having fun at all. 

Considering the soaring fuel prices, the sense of an open-road adventure can still be recreated by going on a mini-road trip. It doesn’t require much: a rented convertible or your own set of wheels and a fun-loving spirit is enough to turn a regular day into a fabulous date. It doesn’t even have to be that far—touring through a local nature preserve or checking out a new restaurant on a not-so-far away town can give plenty of topics for light-hearted conversations and a relaxing feeling from the wonderful scenery and invigorating freshness of the open road. If you are both foodies and have sampled most of the nearby restaurants’ cuisine, then maybe it’s time to learn some cooking techniques so that you can create your very own signature dish. 

There are a lot of short-term culinary classes these days, given that a rising number of singles are realizing that although being adept in the kitchen may not turn you into a Gordon Ramsay, it can actually turn one into a guy or a chick magnet . Besides, it will be especially unforgettable and more stimulating when learning how to flambé next to a new special someone, or making your gourmet version of the classic spaghetti and meatballs. Most seniors prefer activities that don’t require much bodily movement and strain on the ankles for fear of straining a muscle here and there or breaking a bone somewhere. 

But, dancing is actually a good form of exercise—no, not the head-banging and gyrating kind of dancing that teenagers do nowadays, but the elegant and graceful ballroom dancing baby boomers (and even the young ones) are familiar with. Clubs offer dancing lessons from the sexy tango to a fun boogie. You and your date don’t have to worry about finding a partner too because you already have each other. There’s no need to feel bashful when one of you is not as graceful as the other; at least one of you knows how to guide the other, so that you will both be stepping in the right direction as you dance the night away to a fabulous date. 

By Ruth Purple