Four Things Real Men Want in a Relationship

Most women find it easy to get the first few dates with any man. It is the next step that poses a more difficult task. This is the process of sitting and talking to them about a deeper relationship. The sad part is that most men think that they are in the process of dating just for the initial fun of it.
Problem lies in the general nature of guys. As soon as the dating starts getting into something deeper and emotional – something men often can’t handle – they tend to start shying away. They lose interest like a child does after having a couple of hours of fun time with a new toy. The question is…are these the kind of men really worth spending your lifetime with?

Unlike the shifty men mentioned above, real men are a class apart and they do exist. Unless you let them pass you by, they can be a part of good life-long partnership. It is important that you keep an open eye for real men and what they want. When you know how to differentiate this class of men, you will certainly get for yourself a man who will be endearing for both you and your family.

The Real Man’s Needs

Fun – A real man wants you to be fun to be with. For that reason, you have to make sure that you don’t do all the talking every time. Give him an opportunity to express himself and let the communication be two-way. Real men will also find you attractive if you are multi-dimensional – if you can cook well even as you are good at playing tennis. A little bit of humor will take you a long way in finding the right place in the real man’s life.

Independence – Real men seek independence and they seek independent women. It is wrong to assume that men like women whom they can show off their masculinity to. Real men like independent, strong and motivated woman who can shoulder their own responsibilities. They like someone who will have something interesting to share even at the end of a mundane day.

Maturity – Real men seek mature women. They are done with the fun part of relationships where immature women may be fun. But as far as a serious relationship is concerned, they want a woman they can discuss things with; not a woman who doesn’t throw unnecessary tantrums and is not stable minded.

Attractiveness – Real men give equal importance to both emotional and physical attractiveness. They know that physical beauty won’t last but emotional attractiveness will last forever. Also at a deeper level, the real man will actually look for emotional attractiveness more than anything else. Thus, it is important that you carry a fair amount of both.

You may not have everything that a real man wants. However, you can try to develop those qualities that make you more attractive to a real man. After all, if you want a real man in your life, a real man would also like to have a ‘real woman’ in his.

By Chris Roberts