6 Possible Internet Dating Strategies

Internet dating works a little differently for everybody who tries it. One person might be so indecisive he or she never goes on a date. Another may be so eager that he or she goes on several before their first week is out. We all have different schedules and different priorities when it comes to internet dating. And so we all work at our own pace and towards our own goals.
Unfortunately, though, not all internet daters work with a specific strategy in mind. Instead, they simple bumble through and hope for the best. And while this can work for some people, creating and following a strategy is a great way to find romantic success more quickly. You just have to stick with it.

Not all internet dating strategies are created equal however; and some work better than others. Want to know what methods other people are using online to find love? Read on for six of the most popular internet dating strategies and why (and if) they work.

1. The “many baskets” method. 
Ever hear the old expression that you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket? Well, some people use this same concept with internet dating. Instead of sticking to one dating site or even one dating method, they do everything at once. They join different sites catering to different kinds of interests. They start speed dating. They go to the bar with friends and chat up every potential date they see. These sorts of daters know that there’s no one proven method, and so they try a little of everything, hoping to get a bite from an interesting catch. 

2. A date a week. 
This internet dating method works well for people who are determined, organized, and methodical. The goal? To find somebody to settle down with. The method? Going on one date a week until you find that person– no matter what. While this particular method is normally practiced by women (it’s one you hear talked about often in books called things like “50 Weeks to Find a Husband”), very determined men can also use this, too. This method is about sticking to your goals and not making excuses, and is only for people who take finding a relationship very seriously.

3. Waiting for Mr. or Ms. Perfect. 
While I wouldn’t suggest this method for most people (after all, one of the major perks of internet dating is the ability to meet all kinds of people you wouldn’t be exposed to otherwise), if you know exactly what you want and don’t have a lot of time to spend looking for it, this can be the way to go. Instead of going on a lot of dates, you go on just a few– and only with very good prospects.

4. Keeping a high profile on one site. 
The more people who are exposed to your profile on an internet dating site, the better your chances to interest people in who you are. Some successful daters join just one dating site, and then keep a high profile there. They post on the forums and write comments on the articles there. Maybe they even write a few articles themselves to try to garner a bit of extra attention. They spend a lot of time online, and attract as much attention as they can. More attention, of course, equals more profile views. And more opportunities to make a connection.

5. Keeping the relationship online. 
This is a popular method for people who aren’t as good at the “face-to-face” part of a new relationship. Instead of chatting for only a short time before meeting in person, this kind of dater starts up a semi-relationship before ever meeting face to face. While the ability to do this is one of the perks of internet dating, this is also a method you should be careful with. People do fall in love online. But there’s nothing out there that can replace an in-person meeting. Which means that if you’re not careful, you may find that you’re often wasting your time with all those serial online relationships.

6. Blitzing a site. 
This is almost always a method used by men rather than women. They think that, the more messages they send out, the more takers they’ll get. So instead of doing a search for just the kind of women they’ll like, they blitz almost all of the female contingent on a dating site. While this isn’t the best method to use, if you don’t have a lot of time and want to reach the widest circle of people possible, this method can work. On the other hand, you never know who you might end up chatting with– because not all the people you email will be people you actually want to date.