Internet Dating: 5 Wonderful Old-Fashioned Dates

Who says romance is dead? Sure, you met over a computer rather than because she dropped a flower and you picked it up and handed it to her (just as a ray of sun broke through the clouds and caught in the gold of her hair, maybe). But having your first conversation over bytes instead of a bite to eat doesn’t necessarily mean that romance has to go out the window.
One of the pitfalls of internet dating is that it becomes too easy to focus on the “selling” aspect of your profile, your photo, and your first conversation. And while you can’t break out of that mold for every date you go on (or risk breaking the bank), it can be fun to do just that every once in awhile. Meet somebody special and really want to sweep them off their feet on your first date? Read on for some great old fashioned date ideas. There’s nothing like a little romance to get your relationship started on the right track!

1. See a Sexy Show. 
Sometimes a darkened room, a sleekly dressed crooner, and some soulful music is the perfect way to help forge a connection. Is your favorite soul singer coming to a blues bar near you? Snag a couple of tickets, and bring your date along. Whether it’s your first date or your fifth, a slow, sensual night and a couple of martinis is sure to make the right impression. 

Don’t worry about seeming cheesy. As long as it seems more like a fun night out and less like a seduction, she’ll go along happily. And feel very romanced in the process.

2. Go Dancing. 
There’s something old fashioned and romantic about going dancing with your date. When you just sit across the table from one another, chances are you hardly touch. A brush on the arm here, a tap of the foot there. But dancing gives you the opportunity to get close. Very close. And to have a ton of fun in the process. 

Don’t know how to dance? Learn! For girls especially, seeing a guy who knows how to dance is a real turn on. And makes us wonder how he moves when he’s horizontal rather than vertical…

3. Candle-lit Dinner. 
There is almost no way to go wrong with a candle-lit dinner. Whether you take your date out to a romantic restaurant or cook for him or her at home (probably not best for a first date, as this can make women feel unsafe), a little soft music and candlelight is the perfect thing to get the evening off on the right foot. Want to choose the best recipe or restaurant? Be sure the food on offer isn’t stinky (think: too much garlic) or messy to eat. Getting food all down the front of your shirt just ain’t sexy.

4. Plan a Sunset Picnic. 
A picnic basket, a blanket, and a bottle of wine is all you need to create the perfect evening out. Plan the meal for late afternoon, just as a summer day’s heat is wearing off, and open your wine at sunset. Want to make the date really special? Fill your basket with tasty French cheeses, fruits, and other not-to-heavy delicacies. You and your date will both be transported somewhere else for awhile. Somewhere a lot more romantic. 

Hint: If doing this for a first date, be sure to set up your picnic in a public place, like a local park. If you bring her to the middle of nowhere, it might make her a little antsy.

5. See a Romantic Movie. 
There’s no date quite as old fashioned as Friday night at the movies. Get a large soda and share it. Butter up a big tub of popcorn and feel that little spark every time you bump hands. And watch something that will get your date feeling all soft and romantic. 

Best of all, spending a couple of hours in front of a movie screen with your date is the perfect way to get used to his or her presence without much pressure. Afterwards? Go out for a glass of wine and talk about the movie you watched. The best pictures are ones that will get you talking about how they relate to your own lives, and help to guide and open up the conversation

By Karen Lynn @