Reasons Why I Should Not be Single

Now everybody has to figure out whether they are “single-NO” or “single-YES”

I’m a “single-NO” and I don’t want to step to the other side of the bridge and become a “single-YES”,
1.I’ll start with the reasons that most of “single-NO”s are using: to have somebody waiting for them ;
2.To have somebody to trust and to rely on (I know friends can replace it but still);
3.My reason, it might sound stupid but I’m not used to the state of being single, it’s a total NO-NO to me. Probably it’s because all of my life I had somebody by my side. Plus my mom is with my dad, my sis’ has a BF that makes me have really good examples to follow!
4.Besides why I should hug a pillow or a toy when I can hug my 2nd half when I need it.
5.Every time when I’m single I feel depressed.
6.Even this word single sounds to me weird.

There are a lot of people in this world so why then I should be single.
Probably it’s just the way I feel and I feel that I don’t want to be single!

I’m sure that “single-No” people will understand me.
Probably there is a level when this reasons won’t make sense and my vision towards life will change and from a “single-No” I’ll become a “single-Yes” and vice-versa for somebody else as we always grow and change and develop.

But for now I’ll live with being a total “single-NO” maybe it’s just an experience to me or just a game though I know that playing with somebody’s feelings is bad, but that’s the way it is to me.

One thing I want to say:
Pick the side most suitable to yourself and backup it with really good reasons.