Warning Signs: 10 Signs He’ll Stink in the Sack!

There are a lot more important things about dating somebody than their sexual prowess. After all, a man’s sexual performance can be improved over time… but his bad personality probably can’t. That said, sex is never going to stop being important no matter how great a guy is otherwise. And while it’s impossible to truly tell how good or bad a man will be in bed without testing him out first, there are plenty of little hints around that may give you an idea of what he’ll be like.

Met a hot guy on an internet dating site and trying to scope out his sexual potential? Read on for my ten hints that he’ll stink in the sack. They’re not foolproof, but hey… they’re better than nothing!
1. He’s afraid to make eye contact. 
Sex, of course, is all about contact. If somebody you date is afraid to look you in the eye, it means they have a problem in general with connection and intimacy. Which doesn’t bode well for the most intimate act of them all.

2. He chows down his dinner. 
As women, most of us want a man who can savor us like his favorite meal– not one who rushes right through to dessert and a nightcap. If he scarfs down his meal without the excuse of being really, really hungry, it doesn’t say good things about how he’ll be when he devours you.

3. He doesn’t pay attention. 
Part of being good in bed is noticing and reacting to your partner. Which requires the sort of person who is watchful and observant. If he wouldn’t be able to tell you the color of the waiter’s hair (or the color of your own eyes) he probably won’t be able to tell what you like in bed and what you don’t. Because he won’t be paying attention.

4. He’s not very clean. 
There’s a difference between being a shaved-and-plucked metrosexual and being, well… clean. A man doesn’t have to be perfect to have potential (in fact, too much perfection is usually a bad sign) but if he’s smelly and unclean, he’s probably not very sensual. Or pleasant to be naked with. Yuck.

5. He talks only about himself. 
Again, sex is about focusing on another person and what pleases them most. If the only thing he’s focused on conversationally is himself, then there’s a good chance he’ll be exactly the same way between the sheets. 

6. He’s a poor kisser. 
A good kiss is a full-body, breathless, and all-enveloping experience. It’s the perfect precursor to a night of good sex. But if he doesn’t kiss well, what would make you think that he’d do other sexual things well? If he just kisses you with his tongue or his lips instead of his whole body, it says something about his awareness of his body and yours.

7. After several dates, he’s afraid to make a move. 
Now, of course it’s possible that he’s just a gentleman. But if you met on an internet dating site, have gone on four dates, and it truly seems like he’s afraid to make a move, you might start wondering if you want him to. Confidence and the ability to take initiative are both important parts of good sex. If he doesn’t have either of them, it’s a problem.

8. He checks out his muscles in every shop window reflection. 
This means he cares a lot more about his own body than he cares about pleasing yours. Turn and run.

9. He doesn’t listen to you. 
Or anybody else. If a guy you’re dating doesn’t listen to you or the people around him, it means he’s self absorbed. And nothing bodes worse for a person’s skills in the bedroom than that kind of self absorption. It means he doesn’t care about pleasing anybody but himself.

10. He talks about how good he is in bed. 
Many men just think being a little larger than average means they don’t have to put any more work into being a good lover. But this could not be less true! A truly good lover will be happy to wait to show you what he can do. An insecure one will talk about it. And which of the two do you really want?

By Karen lynn @ Datepad