How to be a Great Kisser

Let’s just say it: kissing is the best thing ever. Maybe second to orgasms. Maybe they’re tied. Actually, they are tied together but we’ll get to that. The point is, if you don’t think kissing is the best thing since peach cobbler, then you’re crazy. You heard it here first. But much to the dismay of kissing and internet dating fans everywhere, there are a shocking number of people out there who are pissing people off when they pucker up; bad kissers are everywhere. And it’s sad. When a bad kiss happens, angels cry and puppies get hangnails. 
I confess: I’ve done more than a bit of smoochin’ in my day (and I plan to do lots more still). And as with anything, experience is a great way to learn the lessons. Which is why I’ve now taken it upon myself to make improving the percentage of potent puckers my new personal crusade. And with these little pearls of lip-locking wisdom, I hereby entrust you all to go out and spread the good word. In this case, “each one, teach one” equals a whole lot of making out. And that makes everyone happy. In fact, good kisses for all might just be the answer to many of the world’s problems. So read carefully, single friends…we’ve got world peace at stake here.

It ain’t all about the lips
Having soft, supple lips might make you a very appealing kissing candidate from afar but believe me, that’s not all there is to it. You might even be able to do magical things with those mouth pillows but what about your hands? Your hips? Even your feet? You savvy smoochers are thinking, “duh, I’ve got that stuff covered!” but this could be news to the rest of you. If you want to make a kiss more intense, put your hands on your partners face, gently. Run your fingertips on their cheeks, ears, in their hair, the back of their neck, even their eyes (careful!) There are crazy amounts of nerves in all of these places…adding your sweet touch to the already sweet lip action happening is going to drive them crazy.

The rest of your body is as important; watch your body language. Make sure your body is pulled in close to your partner. The greater the physical connection, the more, well, connected the two of you will feel. If you’re sitting, make sure your knees are touching, or, if you’re really comfortable together, put one leg casually over one of his knees. It’s a killer move, I promise. In short, kissing should be a whole body experience.

Focus your energy
Not to get all new age-y on you, but I swear by this. I’ve done this and I’ve not done this and there is always a noticeably different response from the person I’m kissing. “This” being to really focus all of the energy in your mind on the act of kissing. What the heck am I talking about? I’ll explain: you know all of those great, swirly, butterfly feelings you get all over when you’re making out? Of course you do, that’s why we get up in the morning, right? 

Well, take those feelings, visualize bundling them all up and sending them through your lips to the person on the other end of your face. Meanwhile, try to block out everything else happening around you; let you and that other person be the only things that exist. Because great kissing is almost entirely about a feeling and a certain excitement…not as much about flawless technique. 

By Jessie Bethany