Internet Dating: 6 Kinds of Women Men Love to Date

Of course, there’s no such thing as an ideal date, or a true “type” of person. Every one of us is different and multi-faceted, and can’t be defined or labeled by a simple phrase. But just because our traits don’t make us who we are doesn’t mean those traits don’t make us attractive to the opposite sex. While most men on internet dating sites are out there looking for a 100% real person, there are certain “types” that seem most attractive to them straight off.
What to know what kind of woman most men keep an eye out for at an internet dating site or on a first date? Read on for six traits men love in the women they date.

1. The low maintenance girl. 
This is the kind of girl who is independent, casual, fun, and easy to be with. She doesn’t care about what you can give her or what kind of job you have. If she likes you, she likes you for you. She can take care of her non-romantic needs all on her own– so she won’t ask a lot. Something that most men –especially those that have been in relationships with higher-maintenance women– truly love.

2. The “buddy” girl. 
This is the kind of girl a man hits it off with right away. She’s not just attractive, she also shares your interests. Maybe she’s into the same books you are, or loves sports as much as you do, or shares your weird sense of humor. Instead of just being your date or your girlfriend, this kind of girl becomes a man’s friend. It makes a relationship a lot of fun! 

3. The independent girl. 
Some men are turned off or intimidated by a woman who is truly a feminist. But most men love the idea of a girl who can take care of herself. After all, the word feminist doesn’t necessarily have to mean “I don’t shave my legs and I hate men.” For most women it simply means that you see men as your equals, and that you don’t need a man to complete you. One of the things that makes an independent woman so attractive is that a relationship with her is truly a partnership; she doesn’t expect to give you more than you give her, or vice versa.

4. The light-hearted girl. 
This is the kind of girl who is sweet, happy, and easy to be with. She doesn’t need to have a lot of drama in her life to be happy, and she doesn’t need a man’s whole life to revolve around her. This is the kind of person who is easy to be with– that girl who makes you feel like the world weighs a little less when you’re with her. Kind, generous, and sincere, this kind of person is just as rare in women as in men. If you find one you’d better snap her up quick. 

5. The nympho. 
Whether he’s looking to marry her or just have a good time, there’s no man out there who can resist the call of a truly sexual woman. This kind of woman loves everything about men and sex; not because it makes her feel powerful or helps her to use men, but because she just… loves sex. Now, of course the nympho in this example isn’t actually a nymphomaniac (which is actually a very serious thing!). She’s just a woman –sort of a free spirit– who loves sex and isn’t afraid to show it. 

6. The “no commitment” girl. 
There’s a difference between a girl who is afraid to make a commitment, and one who’s simply in no rush to settle down. And if a man can find the latter, he’ll probably consider himself utterly blessed. With a “no commitment” girl, you never have to worry about what she’s trying to accomplish or where she’s trying to get with the relationship. She feels the same way about it you do: the future will figure itself out in its own time. 

There’s no one “perfect” type of person for everyone. And while these examples were fun to write, the truth is that these sorts of one-dimensional characters don’t exist in life. In reality, the light-hearted girl might actually be a little needy, or the independent one a little angry. Who knows? But given that you don’t learn these things about a person right away no matter who they seem to be at the outset, there’s no reason not to look for somebody who seems to have everything a guy could want. And these six girls certainly do!

Karen Lynn